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Avoiding Fall Leaf Issues with Gutter Guards

Dean Jones Construction is Here to Help With All You Gutter Needs This month, let’s dive into avoiding fall leaf issues with gutter guards. Fall in Parkersburg, WV, is a sight to behold with its vibrant crimson, amber, and gold hues. But, with the fall season comes a challenge every homeowner is familiar with – […]

Downspouts and Storm Damage

Trust Dean Jones Construction LLC for Quality Gutter Services Dean Jones Construction LLC knows about downspouts and storm damage. We’re returning to our gutters series, brought to you by Dean Jones Construction LLC in Parkersburg, WV! According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, redirecting downspouts to landscaping areas greatly reduces runoff. In this second […]

Can New Gutters Reduce Water Damage?

Consider Dean Jones Construction LLC for All Your Gutter Needs Can new gutters reduce water damage? Welcome to the first edition of our gutter series. At Dean Jones Construction LLC, we understand that homeowners in Parkersburg, WV, have concerns about water damage. This edition explores how new gutters can be a crucial factor in mitigating […]

How Can Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof?

Dean Jones Construction LLC Offers Insight on Snow, Ice, and Roof Integrity Wintertime in Parkersburg, WV, means homeowners must be mindful of how snow and ice can affect the integrity of their roofs. Snow, especially when it accumulates, adds significant weight to your roof. This added weight can place added stress on the roof structure. […]

How Important is Getting a Free Estimate?

How Important is Getting a Free Estimate - Blog 2

Dean Jones Construction LLC Knows the Importance of Free Estimates Learn how to answer the question how important is getting a free estimate? In construction, a clear understanding of project costs is imperative for homeowners and contractors. Building a house or considering other construction projects can be confusing and stressful. Dean Jones Construction LLC eases […]

Do You Need a New Roof?

Do I Need a New Roof? Blog 2

Dean Jones Construction LLC Provides Quality Roofing Installation Do you need a new roof? Dean Jones Construction LLC can help. Given that a roof is one of the most critical components of a home, ensuring its longevity is paramount. However, recognizing when it’s time for a replacement can be complicated. This month, we will explore […]