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Downspouts and Storm Damage

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Dean Jones Construction LLC knows about downspouts and storm damage. We’re returning to our gutters series, brought to you by Dean Jones Construction LLC in Parkersburg, WV! According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, redirecting downspouts to landscaping areas greatly reduces runoff. In this second edition, we delve deep into the role of downspouts in storm damage.


The Role of Downspouts in Storm Water Management

Downspouts, also known as leaders, play a pivotal role in steering stormwater away from your home’s foundation. They work alongside the gutter system to direct water flow from the roof towards a safer location. Here are some key downspout features:


Material: Often aluminum, copper, vinyl, or galvanized steel, downspouts must be robust and resistant to the elements.


Size & Shape: Typically, they are rectangular or round, and can handle the expected volume of water from the connected gutters.


Extensions and Diverters: We add these to direct water further from the foundation, especially in areas prone to flooding or pooling.


The Connection Between Downspouts and Storm Damage Prevention

When functioning correctly, downspouts can prevent several types of storm damage:


Foundation Damage: Downspouts prevent soil erosion and saturation by directing water away from the foundation. In turn, this scenario could weaken the foundation.


Landscape Protection: Excessive water can drown plants and erode landscaping. Effective downspout placement and length can save your garden and yard.


Basement Flooding: With the absence of pooled water around the foundation, the risk of basement flooding drastically reduces.


Regular Maintenance – The Key to Efficiency

Dean Jones Construction LLC always stresses the importance of regular maintenance. Here’s a quick guide:


Cleaning: Ensure your downspouts remain clog-free. A clogged downspout can overflow and negate its function.


Inspection: Look for cracks, holes, or rust. If you notice water spilling from any spot other than the exit, it’s time for a repair or replacement.


Position Check: Downspouts should always direct water away from the house. Ensure extensions are intact and are guiding water appropriately.


For more information, call Dean Jones Construction LLC at (304) 991-8882. You can stay up-to-date by checking out our Facebook page for company happenings. Check back later for the next edition of our gutters series about avoiding fall leaf issues with gutter guards. Dean Jones Construction LLC is here to help customers in Parkersburg, WV, learn more about downspouts and storm damage.